New Colonies

from by Secret Arms



Invent cold sweat
Lead by despair, keep us in line
Fear is what's instructed
To become what we never had in mind
Floodlights, sirens, man-made lions
Laid on our backs, arms at our sides
Draining lifeless truths and lies
Sirens invade our ears, tear through our minds
Stomping out our conscience
Artificial intelligence, programmed logic of destruction
Built high above, sent down below
Waiting, watching, every move
Disguise yourself or die

They caved, disheartened champions
A feast of bread and wine
They fell, a war we can’t be in
So step out of line

Stick to hideaways, watch for signals
Burn surveillance tapes, get back safe
Stick to hideaways, seeking journey
Burn surveillance tapes, no one’s safe

Fight or flight
Too outnumbered
Gaze into the sky
Destruct destiny
Reinvent everything

We light the way
Break away from this
Place forlorn
Cut and run from this

Leaving these gods and kings and rules
Uncertain of where we'll go
I hope you know what we know
Sky above earth below
I hope you know where to go


from New Colonies, released October 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Secret Arms Miami, Florida

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