New Colonies

by Secret Arms

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released October 5, 2012

Recorded by Ryan Haft at Pinecrust Studio, Miami, FL.
Additional engineering by Jonathan Nuñez.
Mixed by Ryan Haft at The Dungeon Studio, Miami, FL.
Mastered by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella at New Alliance East.
Artwork by Tyler Bronis.
All music written and performed by Secret Arms.
Secret Arms was Louis Salgar RIP, Tyler Bronis, and Mike Rodriguez



all rights reserved


Secret Arms Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Sink and Strangle
Hot teeth like knives
Sink and strangle
A game of angles and leverage
Speed of light
The trapping hands allow my retort
No more center line

Teeming with violence and intrigue
It passes red with silence
These closet royalists have gotten their way
Revealing dreams only when they were festering

The war of each against all
Rule or be ruled
Sell or be sold
From the soil to the sky
Self evidence is divine

I'm not here to save the world
I don't care about glory or crowns
It's too late to save the world

Failure repeater
Morale depleter
Crooked tongues wrap around their serpentine others
Reveal all colors dull and trite
Track Name: Machine Race
Like machines we stutter when we click
Like springs we stretch with no recoil
Leaking life, a malfunction
Strangled vice, fastened bolts to keep them all

Still we tread without ground
Hang on the wall
Rust and we fall
Still it spreads
Structure drowned

There’s poison in the water
But they all drink, patient and thirsty
There’s poison in the water
But not on my tongue, only a howling like wolves

Put your life onto the screen
You’re already dead to me

Don’t waste your time to break their fall, wound tight they always crawl
Don’t waste your time to hear them call, all sounding keep drowning
Don’t waste your time to break their fall, so desperate to bring the sprawl
So take my hand and hear my call, all sounding keep drowning

To be calm in the company of wolves
Showing teeth
Track Name: Damaged Goods
How long will it take for them to suck it dry
Will we sit back and choose to lead this sidelined life
I refuse to play dead through the illusion
How long will it be for our rights to become privileged
Will we sit back
I refuse to play dead through the illusion
We've got to tell the rest
There are no fucking sides
Our guns will follow our tongues
We'll kill to stay alive

Suspended vision
Tune it out, turn it off, turn blind eyes
Sit out on sidelines
Watch as shit goes to shit

Eater of ideas, you taint our visions
Spoiler of dreams

Will you be a social engineer
Or will you be a parasite

Don't let them pervert us
Into a half truth, into a smaller group
Drained and left for dead
With no names left
An unwanted recluse
Nothing is sacred
Callous from abuse
Drifting lifeless wreck
Into a half truth, into a smaller group
Track Name: Thieves
Say, stay
You left your constitution
Hoping that we just all forget
Sitting back
Think you got away with it

Be that as it may
Tongue and cheek
This is not okay
Blame the meek
Drag your feet all day
Revenge we seek
Now we rewrite our history

Never trust anything that you say to me
Never cease ‘til you fucks are hanging
We've got to find thoughts left behind

Common sense
No defense
Hide behind your picket fence
I’ll always be at your door, gun in hand

Hoping that we just all forget
Sitting back and thinking you got away with it
But it's not that simple
We're not all that blinded
Actuate together
We're coming for your head

Our chance to terminate, don't wanna miss it
The satisfaction is so sweet... I wanna taste it
So hope we won't forget, don't wanna miss it
I'll still remain standing, I won't intermit

You fell into retreat to save face with private defeat
You feign assembly but fell apart at the seams
What does it mean to save face
Track Name: World in Wireframe
Empty threats
Words that void themselves
Veiled regrets
Stacked like seconds built
Time that no one knows
Time we won't get back

You'll forget

Spineless herd
Hollow words
Freedoms forged and occupied with whores
All the promise you once showed
And the promises you broke were auctioned off to feed wolves in sheep’s clothing
Spineless herd
Hollow words

That bridge is beyond broken
That door that once stayed open

The seconds build and memories form
A time that nobody knows
Time got lost in the shuffle
And hours turn into days
Counting down to never
Another lie to hang up
Track Name: Wasteland
They brew the poisoned water
Ignite the storms of sand
Exploit the starving natives
For the progressive plan
We're all just breathing sickness
We're all just breeding lies
For withered institutions
And these weathered eyes

Pummeled surfaces
Dried up lands
Naked trees
Human hands

I don’t believe I’ve let the signs be seen because all I see is suffering

Poisoned water
Storms of sand
Starving natives
The progressive plan

You found a way to bring out the worst in me
I had it all and wasted everything
I'm sorry

Relay our signals
Old and young souls
Track Name: Holy War
You pick up the check
Finance it, prime the pump
With high hopes and dreams
Wasting and consuming, never giving, just disposing
Line them up in rows
Let them eat, fatten up
Artificial turf
Biting and ingesting, and they swallow the decaying
Fiction fed is dead

Misrepresentation by design

Witness faiths demise
Disillusioned, fool’s paradise
Ignite all that’s preventing progress
Judging, deceiving, feeding, believing
You judge, deceive, you make believe
Set ablaze, burn the books, defend attack

False allegiance
False impressions, fool’s paradise
Ignite all that’s preventing progress
Judging, deceiving, feeding, believing

You judge, deceive, you make believe
Set ablaze, burn the books, defend attack
Take the shepherd’s crook, use it as a bat

Silken glove conceals the iron fist
Salivating haunting like ghosts do
Sensing defeat
Every chance we had to save ourselves
Compose, conceive
All these lies and bullshit fairytales
You don't even know what it’s for

Lost in a moment, a dream that was stolen
Invalid atonement, a senseless opponent
A book of illusion, a fore drawn conclusion
A world of delusion, a new revolution
This means war

You don't get this both ways
Track Name: Palm Reader
No more sleeping when I bellow power
Fortunes cast in gold
No deceiving, my words aren't hollow
Futures will be told
All that's good and just will corrode and rust
If I might be so bold
Show me your hand
I'll be your compass
Crooked hands I fold

Read your own hand palm reader
What have you done to us palm reader
Hatred and new wars have punished our world. Cast into the sun.
Battle flags
Quiet dawn
Hands still pressed
But hope is gone

Hollowed earth for what remains
Scorched earth march with both to blame

Dead weight stalemate
Be the beast be released no more peace
Through my teeth I spit acid and deceit
I have fooled and drained the world with vanity
A pig in shit I am doomed to be
Righteous trash
A wrecking ball
Swing low
Track Name: Keep Warm
With no tenets to sway
I grow wild like fires
Holy glory
I spit embers to the air
To make my own maps
To claim our histories

As they were, my thoughts
They burn to keep warm

Bricks of gold show the way, enlightened
Traveling steady in the frequency

Exits displaced
Exits erased
Changing futures
Naming new blood
We always know to light our own way

Wrong psalm
Scripted alibi
False calm
Pious to the sky

Selfish prayers to save yourself
Answered by someone else
Stupid prayers to save yourself
You’re just talking to yourself

To be wicked with all the best intentions
Let’s take the long way home tonight
To truly be at the mercy of my passion
We took the wrong way home tonight
We’ll steal the light from the moon
Let’s take the long way home tonight
We’ll burn the rich and trash their gold
We took the wrong way home tonight

Trailed by flags of black and red

They burn to leave my conscious
They burn to birth my vision
They burn to kill off weakness
They burn for me to keep warm
Track Name: New Colonies
Invent cold sweat
Lead by despair, keep us in line
Fear is what's instructed
To become what we never had in mind
Floodlights, sirens, man-made lions
Laid on our backs, arms at our sides
Draining lifeless truths and lies
Sirens invade our ears, tear through our minds
Stomping out our conscience
Artificial intelligence, programmed logic of destruction
Built high above, sent down below
Waiting, watching, every move
Disguise yourself or die

They caved, disheartened champions
A feast of bread and wine
They fell, a war we can’t be in
So step out of line

Stick to hideaways, watch for signals
Burn surveillance tapes, get back safe
Stick to hideaways, seeking journey
Burn surveillance tapes, no one’s safe

Fight or flight
Too outnumbered
Gaze into the sky
Destruct destiny
Reinvent everything

We light the way
Break away from this
Place forlorn
Cut and run from this

Leaving these gods and kings and rules
Uncertain of where we'll go
I hope you know what we know
Sky above earth below
I hope you know where to go