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Say, stay
You left your constitution
Hoping that we just all forget
Sitting back
Think you got away with it

Be that as it may
Tongue and cheek
This is not okay
Blame the meek
Drag your feet all day
Revenge we seek
Now we rewrite our history

Never trust anything that you say to me
Never cease ‘til you fucks are hanging
We've got to find thoughts left behind

Common sense
No defense
Hide behind your picket fence
I’ll always be at your door, gun in hand

Hoping that we just all forget
Sitting back and thinking you got away with it
But it's not that simple
We're not all that blinded
Actuate together
We're coming for your head

Our chance to terminate, don't wanna miss it
The satisfaction is so sweet... I wanna taste it
So hope we won't forget, don't wanna miss it
I'll still remain standing, I won't intermit

You fell into retreat to save face with private defeat
You feign assembly but fell apart at the seams
What does it mean to save face


from New Colonies, released October 5, 2012



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Secret Arms Miami, Florida

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