Palm Reader

from by Secret Arms



No more sleeping when I bellow power
Fortunes cast in gold
No deceiving, my words aren't hollow
Futures will be told
All that's good and just will corrode and rust
If I might be so bold
Show me your hand
I'll be your compass
Crooked hands I fold

Read your own hand palm reader
What have you done to us palm reader
Hatred and new wars have punished our world. Cast into the sun.
Battle flags
Quiet dawn
Hands still pressed
But hope is gone

Hollowed earth for what remains
Scorched earth march with both to blame

Dead weight stalemate
Be the beast be released no more peace
Through my teeth I spit acid and deceit
I have fooled and drained the world with vanity
A pig in shit I am doomed to be
Righteous trash
A wrecking ball
Swing low


from New Colonies, released October 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Secret Arms Miami, Florida

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