Keep Warm

from by Secret Arms



With no tenets to sway
I grow wild like fires
Holy glory
I spit embers to the air
To make my own maps
To claim our histories

As they were, my thoughts
They burn to keep warm

Bricks of gold show the way, enlightened
Traveling steady in the frequency

Exits displaced
Exits erased
Changing futures
Naming new blood
We always know to light our own way

Wrong psalm
Scripted alibi
False calm
Pious to the sky

Selfish prayers to save yourself
Answered by someone else
Stupid prayers to save yourself
You’re just talking to yourself

To be wicked with all the best intentions
Let’s take the long way home tonight
To truly be at the mercy of my passion
We took the wrong way home tonight
We’ll steal the light from the moon
Let’s take the long way home tonight
We’ll burn the rich and trash their gold
We took the wrong way home tonight

Trailed by flags of black and red

They burn to leave my conscious
They burn to birth my vision
They burn to kill off weakness
They burn for me to keep warm


from New Colonies, released October 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Secret Arms Miami, Florida

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